Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alaska, The Trout Strick Back episode II

Had a layover in Anchorage yesterday, got rental car and caught this zombie sockeye.

Banks littered with dead reds. kind of stinky. Think Maggots and empty eye sockets. The circle of life is a lot prettier on disney
Bears that have smaller feet than i don't scare me. ok I might have missed a few fish looking for em. Never did see one, although other fishermen kept telling me around the corner there was a bear.
Nice rainbow in beautiful spawn colors.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meat on the hook.

Shannon's folks Boyd and Sandy nice line of Silvers
shannon hooks a steelhead

24" dolley varden, one of my biggest trouts to date. (i know it is actually a char)

Monday, August 9, 2010

how to turn a $8 job into a $20 job

When my sliding glass door got progressively harder and harder to open, I thought about fixing it but didn't. As it got worse and worse I pulled harder and harder untill eventually....
the handle broke. I repaired the handle and wheels today. Instead of 50 pounds takes about 5 to close. Next move is to forget that it now takes 5 pounds, slam it, and shatter the door.
A stich in time really does save nine.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Twenty Dollar Airbrush.

Bought a $20 airbrush and $10 of paint and $10 of foam.

Suppose to be a Russian yak 55, thus the commie theme. I'll try more fades next time.
Will put RC guts in as soon as i total my current RC plane. Did mostly stencils and tape. I especially like my sickle and hammer on tail. Airbrushing is fun. Next move, Shannon willing, is a Huge mural of a white dragon on the hood of our Civic.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twenty Dollar Tomatoes

That is not how good they are. $20 is how much they costed me so far.

Built 4 garden boxes, got ripped up trex decking from neighbor for free(first trex batch was junk, Trex refunded money)

Even with free Boards, spent $300 on dirt and irrigation and plants, got about 24 tomatoes or $20 a tomato. Hard to compete with farmers. Got a late start this year. Gardener frient Matt is out of town, maby ill raccoon it up in his garden while he is away, get my cost down.